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I learned some very interesting things about programming and making games/animated videos from Alice.  Granted, Alice is only buy a taste of what true programming is like.  The drag and drop steps are much easier than having to type out the actual commands.  Alice to me, is like if I were to make an outline of a paper, Alice would be the part that writes out the rest of paper that I made an outline for, making everything simple. However, more than anything Alice taught me some of the aspects that it takes to make a game. For example, camera angles are very important when making a game.  Because though your characters may be an action in the right corner of “the world”, if the camera is stuck in the same place as the beginning, then the player/viewer might never see the scene or actions.  It was also interesting to see how walking isn’t a one step action on Alice, you have to do several commands in order for a character to be able to walk.
All in all, I think Alice is a great opening to programming.  It’s easy to used and gives the user an idea of what programming is like.

My game shall be called The Queen’s Savior.  It will take place in ancient Egypt and the player will play the role of the Pharaoh.
The story will start off with the queen being captured by the king of the mummies who desires to take over all of Egypt.  You, as the Pharaoh must rescue her going through mummies and going to the pyramids where the your Egyptian queen is being captured.  Along the way will be many mummies and the only help you have is yourself.
At the end, the queen shall be saved by you, the player!  It will be a happy ending with maybe the possibility of a sequel if the FSEM corporation is interested in buying my game.

Time in Kingdom Hearts

Again, I decided to do Kingdom Hearts which basically is about a boy in search of his friends. Along the way he has to save the day by defeating all the Heartless creatures and finding a way to stop their creator.
One type of time used in Kingdom Hearts is interludes which basically served to progress the story’s narrative. In one interlude for example, it basically shows Sora realizing what must be done to save his friend Kairi and during this scene, the player can’t be anything but watch this almost movie-like scene occur.

Typically there were no ticking clock scenerios and the player could complete the game at the rate they wish. It really made the game easier and took any pressure off that a timer would’ve added.

Overall I think that time in Kingdom Hearts is a plus because the interludes served almost as a reward for the player for getting to a certain point and/or completing a task, such as defeating a boss. After an hour of game time, it’s nice to just be able to watch the short scene unfold while the player doesn’t have to do anything.

Kingdom Hearts

I choose Kingdom Hearts because it was an RPG that I really enjoyed playing and thus I figured it might be easier for me to write about then a game I didn’t reallylike and/or didn’t finish because of that reason.  I really liked it because it was a really just a cute game.  It brought back all the Disney characters from my childhood and had the typical boy has to save girl and/or friends story.  The game did contribute to my game intellect in that it’s a good game to play if you haven’t really played RPGs.  It isn’t that hard, at least on “normal” mode but yet isn’t so simple that you can complete it in an hour.

       The storyis that there is a young boy named Sora who lives on a island with his two friends, Rikku and Kairi.  In the very beginning of the game, Sora finds himself transported to another world and that Rikku and Kairi are both missing.  Basically the player, playing as Sora, finds out thatthere are different worlds that are usually seperated but lately have lost the barrier between them.  Sora needs to seal the barrier between the worlds using his Keyblade along with Donald and Goofy.  While Sora looks for his friends, Donald and Goofy are looking for their king, Mickey.  The three run around sealing keyholes and trying to find Ansem who is the reason the barriers disappeared.  There is lies the conflict between Sora and Ansem’s minions, the Heartless (little monsters typically).  The game is an RPG and the player plays as Sora and in different worlds can switch out Goofy or Donald for a character from that world.  For instance in Neverland, one may have Peter Pan join them.  The player is pretty limited in how much they can control the other two people in their party.  In the end, the player must find and defeat Ansem for a happy ending : ).

Second Life Groups

   On Wednesday I joined two second life groups which were MSI Fans and World of Warcraft Players.  It’s been a few days and I have yet to get notices from either group.  I’m pretty surprised that at least the WoW group hasn’t sent out anyting considering there are a lot of members, but I assume they aren’t that active.  Neither group has any land and no recent proposals to get any.

I joined the two groups because they were things that interested me.  MSI is one of my favorite bands so I thought it’d be neat to see other players who liked them too.  And for the WoW group I figured it it’d be interesting to see how many players played both Second Life and WoW.

I am hesitant to go talking to a lot of random people because the people I have met so far in Second Life have been kind of creepy to be honest.   But maybe I will meet one who is friendly and enjoys chatting about group topics.  Hopefully I’ll have updates to this post if I ever receive notices.


I really liked getting to know about the origins of video games. I never knew the guy who made Mario made Zelda too, and that at first he wasn’t interested in gaming at too. It was just what was in his imagination. I wish I could come up with an idea that would be make me millions of dollars. Also, the way the people of Atari ran their business seemed like a dream job. It was the kind of place you’d look forward to going every day because they were so laid back, at least at first. It’s amazing to think  that kids several years younger than me taught themselves to program and design games that made a good amount of money.  I know nothing about programming but hopefully this seminar class can help me out a bit.

Why did I take this class?

I took this class mainly because I am interested in games.  I can remember being little and playing Sonic and now being 18, playing WoW (yeah, I’m a WoWer…laugh if you want) and other random video games.  It’d be interesting to see games in an academic way.

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